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A Different Kind of Brushing

The power of intention is a very powerful thing.  This has shown up in a myriad of ways in my life, big and small, but it always does.  So, this is an example of something on the smaller scale, but still quite significant!  I had been incorporating more Ayurvedic practices into my daily routine and came across some information about dry brushing.  Not too long after reading this information and gearing up to purchase a dry brush of my own, I came in contact with Prana Brush and was sent one of their beautiful brushes to try out! See what I mean about the power of setting an intention?!

In any case, I was very excited to give this practice a whirl! I received the brush in the most beautiful packaging and it came with instructions on how to use the brush correctly and the best times to use the brush.  So, the evening that I received it, I made sure my body was completely dry and stood in the shower (with no water on of course, just easier to brush this way and was going to shower right after) and began brushing using soft upward strokes as directed on my entire body.  The whole process took me about five minutes.  Now, I will say that I had this expectation that the brush bristles would be soft, however they weren’t, so that took some getting used to for me.  Even lightly brushing was a tad abrasive for my skin. You might not have that experience, but it was mine.

I did notice my skin was a little red after, but I believed that was to be expected with the blood flow and actually rubbing a brush against your skin.  Now where this experience gets tricky for me was the following day when I went for a hike.  I noticed that my skin was stinging quite a bit from sweating and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was happening because I had never experienced that type of sensation before.  Then after I thought about it, it dawned on me that it could have been from the brushing the night before with my skin being a little open from the brushing and then the sweat getting in caused the stinging sensation.

This led me to do more research on dry brushing to see if my hypothesis had any real merit and I found out that if you have sensitive skin (ME..ALL MY LIFE) or prone to other skin issues or rashes that dry brushing may not be for you.  My skin has always been very sensitive, but didn’t give a second thought to adding dry brushing to my routine until I had this unfortunate and uncomfortable experience. I sweat A LOT due to my workouts and in general, so I didn’t see where this issue would let up for me if I continued brushing and didn’t want to take further chances with my skin.

Now, this is just MY personal experience with dry brushing.  There are countless people who dry brush on a regular basis and don’t experience any issues at all and find it to be a lovely experience and dry brushing does carry many benefits! So, I would recommend that if you are interested in this practice that you try it out for yourself and if you do, I highly recommend the Prana Brush! It is a high quality and beautiful brush and the customer service and attentiveness I received from them during my experience was top notch!

I would love to know if you’ve had experience with dry brushing or plan to give it a try in the comments!