Self Care

Are You Treating Yourself Right?

When was the last time you treated YOURSELF to something nice just because? I’ve made it a practice to regularly buy myself fresh flowers for my room, because it makes me happy. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in doing for others that we often forget we need to be spending time making ourselves feel good as well!

Being healthy doesn’t begin and end with working out and eating right. It’s imperative that you are addressing each part of yourself and tending to your own needs and desires. It is not selfish, it is your right and a definitive way to feeding your soul. If you can find time to make sure others are doing well, feeling loved, feeling noticed and appreciated, then you MUST also do this for yourself.

You can spend time eating all the healthy foods, log hours upon hours at the gym, but if your spirit is broken and you aren’t answering the needs of your soul, you’re not as healthy as you think you are or could be. Love yourself FIRST, nourish yourself FIRST and you will have even more to give to those you love. So, get that massage, buy yourself that new outfit, go to your favorite concert, do those things that fill you up with happiness and do this as often as you can!