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Food In A Jar= Lifesaver!

Today was one of those days.  I went to start my car and she (yes, my car is a “she” and her name is Joy, lol) coughed.  Translation- it took a couple of tries before the car turned over.  I didn’t have time to spare as I needed to get to a client, so I prayed for the best and forged on!

After my client, “Joy” coughed again, but thankfully started and I ran back home to grab a few essentials I would need during my wait at the dealership for the diagnosis!  I was able to grab one of my prepared salads in a jar to scarf down en route to my destination.  Yes, I know I have overnight oats pictured, but they too are my go-to food lifesaver for when I’m on the go or in between clients.

Our days are busy, but our bodies still need fuel and don’t care about how many meetings or errands we have to run!  It wants to be fed on a regular and if you want optimal energy to slay your day, then it’s vital that you take the time to make sure you have healthy meals on hand to get you through!  I will talk about meal prep and planning ad nauseum because I believe in it so much!  Salads in a jar and overnight oats are just two examples of easy prep that can help you out when time isn’t on your side!  Grabbing packaged snacks from convenience stores or the gas station will never do as much for you as a healthfully prepared meal.  So, when life throws you a curve ball, be ready to bat with some healthy choices and a positive attitude because that only makes things better also!

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