Behavior Change


In this 3-hour session, we will take a look at and define your current goals and assess where you are stuck, work through barriers and blocks coming up for you and create a monthly plan to help you see your goals through to fruition. Session will be conducted virtually over Zoom. If you are in Mexico City, the option to meet in person is available.


With the monthly coaching option, it is the same offering as the Jumpstart Session with the the added benefit of ongoing weekly accountability and tools/exercises to keep you focused and on track! You can choose from a 3-month or 6-month package option. Monthly sessions are conducted virtually.




Contact me to set-up time to chat further about your current goals!



“For over a decade, Christa has expertly helped me to continually adapt my thinking and mindset so that I can make those gradual behavioral changes that my life has required. She sees you as a whole person and works with you holistically so that you can steadily put one foot in front of the other to further create and solidify new habits (as well as modify habits that are not in alignment with what we’re working to achieve). She understands you on the deepest level and gently supports you to make the shift away from those non-supportive behaviors to ones that bring out our inner champion. I always feel safe sharing my deepest thoughts and fears with her, knowing that she’s got my back unconditionally. I love celebrating my WINs with her, as well as sharing my challenges so that together, we can create the blueprint for the best path forward and make any necessary pivots. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to create lasting change in their life reach out to Christa today and start your journey of wholeness and joy!I credit Christa so much for helping me to become the person I am today. And I know that she’ll be by my side every step of the way as I continue my health and wellness journey.” ~Kristy C.



“Christa’s workshop was more than I imagined it to be. I went in expecting to learn behavior changing habits for working towards goals, and I received that and so much more. We unpacked the emotional blocks that stagnate us, and together myself and all of the participants created a soft, compassionate container for us to release our inhibitions. This was possible because of Christa’s warm spirit, filled with trust, honesty and guidance. She gently encouraged us to be as open as we felt comfortable, and we surprised ourselves by unraveling our purest anxieties for each other to examine with grace. I recommend this workshop for anyone looking for a reset on how they approach dream chasing. For those ready to hold a mirror to their inner selves and transmute their fears into faith. Christa’s care and compassion will leave you uplifted and confident in walking towards your most authentic ambitions.”~ Alisha A.

“For someone who’s never attended a workshop I wasn’t sure what to expect; I will say that anything Christa puts her mind and energy to always flourishes beautifully so I knew I HAD to be there. Little did I know I’d leave feeling lighter, motivated, loved, and simply happy to be here. All things I have been struggling to genuinely feel lately, yet somehow Christa curated such a safe place to allow everyone to go from strangers to family in the matter of hours. This workshop was priceless; forever grateful for this experience.” ~Amy L.

“I was initially intimidated by the thought of facing my goals and potentially sharing them with a group of people. Christa created a safe space for us to come together and explore our goals in such a beautiful way. She went above and beyond to provide everything we needed including snacks, pens, notebooks, and thought provoking prompts to get us started. During the workshop, we were given space and time for self-reflection and to share and hear from others. Christa also taught us tools and strategies to help tackle our goals, she was clear, specific and provided examples – this was so helpful! I’ve already implemented the tools and I’m happy to report – I’m exercising more consistently than before. Truly life changing. I just wish the workshop was longer! I’ll be on the lookout for part 2.”~Gabriela C.

“I’m very VERY glad that I attended Christa’s workshop. I didn’t know that I needed to let go and release some stress I had been holding on to for so long. Christa provided a safe space to let my tears and inhibitions fall. I am a very guarded person so having space to be able to peek above the walls I have created was so needed and so appreciated.” ~Lani M.

“When I signed up for your workshop, my expectation was to simply get out of the procrastination phase and walk away with tools to execute my plans.  Instead, I received such a well rounded and fulfilling experience. I deeply re-connected with my “why”, and simultaneously connected with other like-minded women.  What I liked about the environment is that you were intentional about the class size to foster a safe and intimate space. As a result, I felt comfortable enough to be fully vulnerable. The personalized letter which you wrote and read to each of the women will be something that stays with me forever.  Your Spring Forward workshop has awakened something in me that I will continue to nurture. Christa, thank you for sharing your gift with us. You are such a blessing.” ~Mursi H.



Please get in touch if you want to discuss coaching more in depth or if you would like to invite me to speak to your group, school or workplace!