Hey There!

Welcome to my site! I specialize in helping women approach life with confidence through movement and mindset work and how to work with the body instead of against it.  I understand the unique challenges we as women face in general and in particular as we age and how these changes can affect the body. I use my expertise as a personal trainer (with an emphasis on strength training) and a Behavior Change Specialist (creating tools to help bring about lasting change and supportive lifestyle habits) to help women navigate their lives and bodies at every stage and age with curiosity, grace, ease and excitement. To help them shut out the noise of what they “should” be doing, quit the comparison game and be intentional about focusing on what feels good to them and how to bring that goodness into their lives daily.

For me, it’s not just about creating exercises and counting reps and sets, it’s about the human connection. I strive to understand those I serve on a deeper level and get into the heart of what brought them across my path. The exercise portion is but a small component of what I feel that I do. My goal is for the women I work with to feel comfortable in their own skin and in their place in life.


I BELIEVE that once you start to feel good in your body, it begins translating in every other area of your life. Sometimes you have to try ten different things before finally locking into what works for you, God knows I did. It’s about staying the course and reaching towards a place that makes YOU feel good and fulfilled.


I BELIEVE there is more to fitness than just reaching a desired aesthetic. I strive to help you create a fitness blueprint that is enjoyable and one you can effortlessly maintain.


I BELIEVE my job is to be a partner and ally in your journey to achieve the physical and mental strength to be the best you can be each day of your life.


I BELIEVE I can give you great coaching, but most of all, I believe I can give you a great experience!


I invite you to get comfortable, take a look around and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning more about my work or coaching with meI’m so happy you’re here and hope you stay for a while! 

In love and health,