I am so proud of all of my clients and the hard work they put in consistently and it’s my pleasure to be their motivator and confidant!

“Here’s all you need to know: I work out with Christa at 8am on Saturdays and I swear I am actually excited to get up and go meet her every week. She’s helped me get in great shape and feel so much healthier than I ever thought possible and yet somehow it’s also one of the best parts of every weekend. I’m grateful every day to have met and worked with Christa, and the progress we’ve made together in the last year is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

I had a not-great experience with a boot camp a while back because I constantly felt like I was the worst in the class, didn’t know what I was doing, and couldn’t keep up. But with Christa really focusing on what I need and want from a one-on-one trainer, I got stronger and fitter, lost a LOT of weight, and somehow also discovered that I…actually LIKE exercise (?!?!).

She pushes me hard, but I always know it comes from a place of total support. She’s great about checking in to be sure she’s listening to my feedback (even when I’m too stubborn to say it out loud) and incorporating any necessary changes into the routines. She understands I’m going to get sarcastic and sometimes swear a lot and her good humor and amazingly upbeat attitude help keep me from getting whiny or intimidated even when I’m trying something new and hard. And she’s been wonderful about accommodating changes to schedule or figuring out make-up sessions when I’ve had to travel or if I’m sick.

I know big changes in your life can only happen when you’re really ready to accept them (something I feel like Christa, who is really accepting and no-nonsense at the same time, would probably say), but my ONLY regret is that I didn’t figure out years ago that it was possible to truly change my life with someone’s help like this.”  


“Christa is professional, kind and positive. She pushes you to push your limits, but she ensures your safety and frequently checks in to make sure her coaching is meeting your needs. She’s knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition without coming off as snobby or superior. (In fact, Christa is really down-to-earth; she is always smiling/laughing which helps to break the ice right away.) She’s very accommodating of your schedule, but she treats your time with respect by arriving on time for sessions and having a solid plan for the session. I personally sought Christa’s help to break out of a fitness rut, and I have enjoyed the variety and intensity of the sessions she has structured for me thus far. I’m looking forward to keeping the momentum going and continuing my training with her. :)”


“Christa is a genuine, motivational trainer who is knowledgeable, thorough and awesome!  She encourages me to push myself to be my best when I feel I cannot go on.  Christa is an incredible trainer and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in enhancing their health and lifestyle.”


“Christa is awesome!! She tailors your workout and diet plans to your specific needs, and is in constant communication with you to check on your progress. You do not have to work out with her in person. I live 3,000 miles away from her and we work out via FaceTime. She is able to watch your technique to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and continually motivates you throughout your workout. If you want to get in better shape or just lose some weight, I highly recommend you talk to Christa to see what she can do to help you achieve your goals.”




The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Erika S.~ Working with Christa as a personal trainer has gotten me results. She works with me to make sure I push and challenge myself but also ensures that I protect my lower back, which has been giving me trouble. She also keeps it very high energy and changes it up.

Becca E.~ Training with Christa has been an amazing journey. She has taught me so many wonderful things that I never thought would work with my body. Her positive energy and attitude make my workouts 100 times better. Working out with her three to four hours a week started to make a difference. My body started to transform, something that I didn’t think could EVER happen. I lost weight, toned up, and I built strength and endurance. It was an amazing experience training with her and I would definitely recommend her to everyone because she can help you reach your goal!

Cindy H.~ I loved training with Christa! She made me challenge myself and push myself and even when she’s not training me, I can hear her in the back of my head coaching me. She also knows about nutrition and how to work out to get the results you want. She does not waste your time or hers. Christa is punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and varies each training session.  I always looked forward to my training because she consistently had a new and challenging set of work outs ready for me. I was always exhausted after our trainings and sore for DAYS. When I needed to reschedule, she did so with no problem, which I really appreciated when things came up. Christa is super awesome and friendly and has a great attitude. I highly recommend she work you out! 


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