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Give Up or Adjust?

This is the question I asked when I posted this photo on my Instagram page.  It came up because I was having such a time trying to get this photo to come together and I had to decide in that moment, if I should give up or adjust my thinking and original vision for the photo.

Well, there is a photo, so you can see that I chose to adjust.  It’s so easy to go after something and come up against obstacles and decide to just throw our hands up and quit, but where is the grit in that?

Oftentimes, life is not asking us to throw in the towel, it’s asking us to perhaps just wash the towel or throw the towel around our neck, in other words, just ADJUST our perspective and/or actions regarding whatever it is we are trying to achieve.

Say that you’re trying to lose that last 10 pounds and it just seems it’s not happening as quickly as you would like.  This is NOT the time for you to say, ah well, I might as well just stop working out and commence to eating junk food 24/7 since this ain’t happening.

This is the moment where you take the time to assess the situation and ask yourself, is there something I could be doing differently in my exercise routine, have I really been paying attention to eating healthfully consistently, drinking enough water etc.  Then ADJUST where you deem necessary.  I say it ALL THE TIME, living healthfully is a journey, not a destination.  As your goals and body changes, you will adjust time and time again to suit wherever you are at any given moment.

The most important action you can take is to stay the course, be patient and remember there is nothing wrong with pivoting and adjusting.  Do it as much as you need to, but don’t give up- just ADJUST!