I couldn’t think of another word to describe this post, though I believe it’s most appropriate.  Many folks are aware of my journey into personal training, but I realize that there are more that are not aware.  I was supposed to be an actress.  That is the dream I held in my heart since I was eight years old.  I never talked about anything else and my mother saw to it that I gained the skills necessary to achieve my dream (thanks Mom)!  I loved being on stage and always felt at home there.  I went to college and earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21 right after graduation.  I moved here blindly because I’d never been to L.A. and prior to that point had only talked about living in New York City which I also loved.

Anyway, about three years into living here and pursuing my dream, the journey shifted and I stopped pursuing acting.  The reality is, I was probably too immature to understand what I was getting myself into and that the “dream” required grit and tenacity that I didn’t have at the time.  I was also dead set on it looking a certain way and when it didn’t, I quit. I was searching for something. I began trying to find out who I really was and what I really believed about life, spirituality/religion, relationships etc.  All the stuff twenty somethings go through at some point I suppose.  I still landed in entertainment, but on the corporate side working for executives in the industry, but I HATED BEING AT A DESK!! I was always good at my work, but I couldn’t stand “pushing paper”.  As someone who was always performing, being stuck in front of a computer was a nightmare!  Even though I worked at some pretty exciting places, it wasn’t enough. I always dreamed of how I could find a way out and do my own thing!

I did end up moving to NYC for a couple of years and there I met my then boyfriend who I would be with for six years and it was a big chunk of my life.  It was living in three different cities, with one man and a non-profit that we founded. I felt like I was getting closer to my purpose, but still wanted something to call my own.  So, as we were building that company, I began my first blog, writing about my transition into a vegan lifestyle.  Back to LA we went and not long after, so did our relationship.  I was devastated, heartbroken, confused and mad, basically all the feels.

Throughout all of the life changes and pivots, the one thing that remained constant was my love for being active and writing my blog.  Fitness has always been a part of my life in some shape or form.  I love challenging myself with new things and feeling good in my body.  In 2013, I was working as an executive/marketing assistant for a fitness professional and it was during that time, I decided to gain my certification in personal training and start this career.  Along with loving fitness, I realized that throughout my life I found myself in situations where I would be motivating others and doing so always lit me up!  So, combining my love for fitness with my passion for inspiring others through personal training became a no-brainer.

I got my certification in February of 2015, left my job in March, started as a trainer at LA Fitness at the beginning of April and left there by the end of August with only two clients and started my business.  Now, here I am coming up on year 3 and my business continues to grow and thrive and I’m excited about the next chapter and the ways I intend on continuing to grow my business.

So while my story is not one of physical challenges or dietary struggles that brought me into fitness, it is filled with many twists and turns on the journey to discovering my true purpose. This is where I am able to serve and understand my clients because the journey to achieving physical goals can also come with many ups and downs and twists and turns.

I understand what it’s like to not feel comfortable where you are, I understand what it feels like to try to find something that works for you. For me, it’s not just about creating exercises and counting reps and sets, it’s about the human connection. I strive to understand my clients on a deeper level and get into the heart of what brought them across my path.  The exercise portion is but a small component of what I feel that I do. I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and in their place in life. It took me a while to get there myself.   I’m so grateful that I did, it compels me to share! I believe that is my purpose. I believe that once someone starts to move and feel good physically, it begins translating in every other area of their life. Sometimes you have to try ten different things before finally locking into what works for you, God knows I did.  It’s about staying the course and reaching towards a place that makes YOU feel good and fulfilled. I want to help others find their own version of the freedom I have found.

Don’t settle until you find what lights your soul up!

If this resonates with you in anyway, drop me a line in the comments or email me directly! I would love to hear from you!