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Where Are You Headed?

I can’t believe we are already at the end of January! Where does the time go? As I start to wrap up this month, I am thinking more about the tone I’ve set so far for this year. If you’ve seen some of my latest social media posts, then you know I’m not personally into making resolutions for the new year. I am definitely more into seeing what changes I can make on a daily basis and not putting so much emphasis on huge goals come January 1st.

I did put some new accountability measures in place to keep me on track with my daily goals (I’ll be sharing more about that in an upcoming newsletter) that has REALLY made a difference for me. This has helped me set the tone for how I tackle each day and has made me get a clearer view of my productivity and if I’m truly making steps to achieve the the goals I’ve set for myself.

With this new accountability tool I’ve put in place, I can see that I haven’t been getting as much working out in this month as I would have liked (yes, it happens to trainers too), so going into February, I plan to amp that up! I’m even considering finding something to train for in order to help me kick things up a notch!

So, for me, I headed into more productivity overall and increased physical activity (outside of training clients). Now what about you? How are you feeling so far and where are you headed? Please let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail! Upward and onward!