Stay Risky!

I came across this “No Risk, No Story” quote on Instagram and it immediately resonated with me.  I know this is because I can look back on my life and see where I’ve taken many risks and continue to do so. I also realize that my willingness to take risks and the lessons and stories that come from those experiences help me to serve others better.

One of these risks was when I was working in corporate and had a really good job at a major production studio here in Los Angeles. During Thanksgiving break, I traveled back east to see my family in the D.C. area and also took a trip to New York City.  New York is one of my favorite places and since I was little I had envisioned living there at some point.  After moving to L.A., that dream seemed to no longer fit in with the plan so I had abandoned that idea.

However on this trip, when I left the city, I had this overwhelming urge to move there.  I literally could not shake this feeling or get it out of my mind.  However, the thought to pick up and move didn’t make sense to me. I reasoned that perhaps I was just being emotional or maybe I was just bored with my current situation, but I couldn’t fight this feeling no matter how hard I tried.  The thing about me is when I feel the spirit inside of me hollering, I find it hard to ignore.  So, I didn’t. I decided I would move to New York City for a short stint with the intent of moving back to L.A. at some point.  The feeling to go there was coupled with the knowing that it would be temporary.

So, I traveled east again in December for Christmas to see my family and then back up to New York to meet and register with some temp agencies as well as look at some potential places to live.  I left there having identified and put a deposit down on a place in Queens (fully furnished so all I would need to bring was myself and clothes)  and enough temp agencies lined up to help me start doing some temp work upon my return as well as interview for permanent work.  The next time I returned there was when I was moving into my place that following March.  It is important to note there that when I made this decision I did not have some hefty savings and as you see I didn’t have a job lined up, so I was definitely taking a HUGE risk.

However, I knew that if I was being led in this direction that everything would fall into place and it did.  Within about a month of me living there I was working full-time making a larger salary than my previous job and I stayed with that company until I left the city two years later. I do believe that the main reason I was drawn there was to meet the man that I would end up spending six years of my life with which eventually led me (us) back to Los Angeles a few years later (we moved to Atlanta for a bit).  Being in that relationship was such a pivotal part of my growth on so many levels and all of the experiences that ensued because of it further cement this fact for me.  Although our relationship ended not long after moving to Los Angeles, the lessons stay with me of course and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

This is only one personal story of risk taking, but my life has been laced with them and I can honestly say I haven’t regretted a single one.  It’s my hope that in sharing part of my journey, that it will encourage you to make some bold moves for yourself.  It’s not always easy, everything won’t be perfect and you will have challenges along the way will try to shake your faith, but I implore you to push through all of it.

I STRONGLY believe that the choices we make and risks we take are not just for us. When you are walking in your truth and marching toward your destiny, you are opening yourself up to experiences that also will help to serve others. You have people counting on your to walk in your purpose.

Needless to say, I am NOT the person you want to come to if you want advice on how to play it safe. I am always pushing clients and others to take the next challenge or make the scary move.  Staying put where it’s safe keeps you from living up to your true potential and limits you to what you can experience in your life and what you can share with others.  So, do the “thing”, whatever that thing is for you, so we can all see and hear the story on the other side!