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Is Your Body Saying “Nah”?

Is it? Is your body rejecting something you’re doing?  You know how much I emphasize the importance of listening to your body because it is always speaking.  I touched on this quite a bit in a previous post where I talked about entering into perimenopausal years and some of the changes I’m starting to notice in my own body.  One thing I’ve noticed lately (which may or may not have anything to do with perimenopause) is that it appears that my days of doing fasted workouts are coming to an end.  Fasted meaning = working out on an empty stomach.

Due to the fact that I tend to workout early in the morning, I prefer to do so on an empty stomach. It’s literally what I’ve done for years and has worked well for me and now that tide appears to be turning.  I’ve noticed that the past few times I have prepared to workout in the morning, that my energy level seems to be lower than what it usually is.  However, after having something small to eat (a small piece of fruit seems to do the trick for me) and then waiting a bit, it makes a huge difference in my energy level.  I took the time to listen and investigate what my body was telling me that it needed. It was like, “girl you betta eat something if you want to get these squats done!” LOL!

You will often hear two trains of thoughts on to eat or not to eat before working out. One group of health and wellness practitioners will say that you must eat before working out and another group will say that it’s not necessary.  I always say, what makes you feel the best? What works for you? There will always be guidance out there on what we should do, but how we apply that guidance is where listening and knowing our own bodies is vital.  What works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to be discerning about the advice you take and use.  All of it, including anything I may be sharing with you. Much of this is trial and error and discovering what resonates and feels best to you.

So, I ask again, are you still trying to do something that worked before that isn’t now? If your body guiding you in a new and different direction?  One way we can thrive and feel our best is by doing what we can to work with our bodies instead of against them. Change can be challenging, but it’s always a necessary component for growth. I may not like having to get up earlier to eat something before working out, but if it will enhance my workouts then it’s a pivot that I will learn to embrace.

Let me know in the comments what, if any, changes you have made to your routine or if you are having challenges pivoting!