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With Age Comes Confidence…Sometimes!

Oftentimes you hear women in midlife talking about how they feel more confident now that they’re in their 40’s and beyond. While I think that’s fantastic and do believe the older we get, we shed a lot more of the ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us and become more purposeful about pleasing ourselves and not being trapped by the opinions of others.

However, this post serves as a reminder that’s it’s okay if that’s not your experience all the time. It’s okay if you’re still figuring things out and still trying to not repeat patterns that don’t serve you. Just yesterday, I had to be reminded to not be frustrated with myself about still grappling with things that I feel should be a thing of the past! It’s a process and just because you might be older, it doesn’t mean you are required to be confident all the time and have it all figured out!

This is just a reminder to you (and me) to be gentle with yourself and respect the journey. Some days you might be killing the confidence game and others you might be unsure and insecure about things. I encourage you to embrace it all and don’t feel that your “age” needs to be the determining factor for how you’re supposed to feel.